Rodeo FAQ


Purchasing Tickets

Q: How do I buy Rodeo Tickets?

A: You can buy rodeo tickets here on our Web site, at the gate, or buy discount tickets from our Queen Contestants.

Q: Where do Queen Contestants sell tickets?

A: Where they sell is completely up to the girl. Buying tickets helps them achieve their goal of winning the title of Queen. You can find their posters on our Tickets tab or Queen Contest tab to get a number to contact them or find out where they are selling.

Q: Are credit cards accepted?

A: Yes they are accepted at the gate


Q: How can I become a sponsor?

A: You can email Kelly Bassing at or give her a call at 786-738-2494

Becoming a Homestead Rodeo Queen Contestant

Q: How do I become a Queen Contestant?

A: See News tab on this site for flyer.

Q: How do you win the Rodeo Queen Contest?

A: The girl who brings in the most money by selling Advanced Discount Rodeo Tickets wins the title of Homestead Rodeo Queen for that year. Contact Sheri for further info and requirements of the girls.

Q: How old must I be to enter?

A: You have to be between the ages of 16-21